Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting
We’re a leading independent custom lighting design agency that for years has travelled the world unearthing the very best lighting artists and artisans, bringing the widest creative custom design, craftsmanship and manufacturing capability back to our Australasian and international professional clients. Our design approach encourages creativity, pragmatism and personalisation, ensuring solutions are unique, innovative and sustainable. Our project pricing is negotiated directly with the manufacturer meaning you get the most cost-effective solution for your budget. We believe professional lighting design and originality is fundamental to the success of any space, working with Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting will help bring out the core features of your design and help your projects receive the greatest accolades.
Architectural Lighting Design Services
Our Architectural Lighting design service is directed by Omar Shahab, Member of the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (MIES) with seventeen years’ experience and professional qualifications in illuminating engineering. Omar has strong experience working on a variety of projects both in Australasia and internationally in the UK, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, engaged by renowned architects and developers. Omar has worked on a wide range of project types, from specialist facade, commercial to retail, educational to arts and cultural, road and urban to high-end residential.
Global Service And Care That Is Truly Second To None
When you work with Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting you receive nothing but the best project management and customer service from concept design to installation and commissioning. Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting operates primarily in Australia and New Zealand, however, our customer projects cover the globe, so if your project requires something truly special then contact us for a no obligation free initial consultation. Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting projects include premium hotels, hospitality, marine, commercial, retail, airports and luxury residential lighting projects.
Presented Collections
On this website we present standard and custom lighting examples that are available to purchase. This website does not display every collection and custom lighting sculpture that we've ever commissioned, in fact most of our projects are confidential with our clients preferring unassuming over advertising. That being said our manufacturing brand associations are more aligned with using their manufacturing capability to make something unique and special for our clients than sell off their standard catalogue.
Freight and Logistics
Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting buys direct from their manufacturing partners in Europe for you, meaning you get the highest quality lighting with very competitive project pricing whilst avoiding the retail margins. To take advantage of this opportunity you need to ship your items from the manufacturer to your chosen project location, and that can be anywhere in the world! That can be quite a daunting task navigating package sizes, weights, transport methods, insurance, customs duties and tariffs etc. so we can manage this entire process for you door-to-door, and we don’t even charge a margin for it either, it’s a complimentary managed service. You just pay any transport fees, import taxes and any duties (where applicable) directly to our transport agents, it’s as simple as that. Even better, if this purchase is for a business then you can claim the taxes back too. Contact us for more information.
Product Compliance
Electrical and manufacturing compliance varies from region to region, country to country. Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting can produce custom lighting that adheres to our customers compliance requirements. Please ensure you detail exactly your compliance requirements with your Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting Project Manager/Representative prior to order.
Purchasing Terms and Conditions
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