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Artemide, Italy – Indoor

Products that convey innovation and design skills, towards new frontiers of light where the focus is both on the product as such and on operation and information intelligence. Open and flexible systems capable to address the needs of all spaces, solutions to define a new way to approach and experience light.

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Algoritmo Floor

Floor recessed led lighting system for creating narrow light lines, ideal for structuring of spaces, for outlining the architecture or providing orientation lighting. IP67. Indoor use exclusively. Composed of lighting units with high-power RGB led or monochromatic led in warm white and neutral white, and recessing profile. The extremely compact dimensions allow a minimum visual impact on the architecture, and an easy use even in areas that are difficult to access.

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A.24 Diffused Emission

A.24 is an open platform. A single intelligent profile generates three light performances while following the architecture with continuity, freedom and exibility. It is a fluid system that harbours a patented optoelectronic technology.

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Olmo - Spot

Olmo is a system based on a combination of plain optical and mechanical elements: a linear track module, a junction that is also a power connection, and three luminous heads that offer different performances.The track’s structure has a C-section to ensure appropriate structural properties and accommodate an innovative printed circuit board within for power supply. Underneath is a thin iron edge that supports the luminous bodies with a magnetic joint.

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Hoy recessed lighting system may be configuered to the extent that you require, fully, partially or fully exposed. You choose.

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Everything Round or Square Trim

Everything is an innovative range of professional recessed light fittings created to deliver a high lighting performance, with an eye on energy saving and excellent visual comfort.A complete, flexible product range, extremely versatile in its many applications and able to meet challenging lighting performance criteria.

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Two sizes with three different beam angles each (spot, flood, wide flood) obtained by means of refractive or hybrid optical units. Junction arm integrated in the spotlight’s body to keep the barycentre aligned with the track and prevent any imbalance in possible suspension versions of the track. The junction allows 360° rotation and 90° tilting for maximum emission adjustment freedom.

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Algoritmo Projectors System

PAD projectors use high-efficiency led with monochromatic warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K) emission. Comprised of an aluminium body with bright anodized finish and a translucent cover in polycarbonate. Pad is available in four mounting options: with three-phase track adapter, with base plate or recessed plate for ceiling mounting, and in combination with the Algoritmo product line. The array of 12 leds (13W in total) lays on a metal core placed on the aluminium body of the projector that acts as heat dissipator. The special power supply system is housed within the body, thus allowing a direct connection to the electrical network.

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Turn Around

ASSERTING ONE’S SPATIAL FREEDOM and challenging the fundamental sustainability and match-matching design: → h 12.5 X 20 mm: profile dimensions can be integrated into the standard plasterboard thickness without interfering with the structural warping → Thanks to the special sustainable and manipulable material, the track can also be folded in place with a minimum radius of 20 cm and an angle of 45° → The profile is integrated into the space in the built- in, ceiling and suspension versions

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Pad System

Pad System is the result of a study on the theme of office lighting, which defines a new way of producing light where functional quality and comfort are the main values.With the innovative patented ALEF (Advanced Light Emitting Film) technology of LG, Pad System upsets the traditional optical approaches (based on reflectors and refractors) used in working environments, which allow to control light emission but, at the same time, result into a non-uniform appearance of the appliance’s output surface.With ALEF, a patent derived from TV-screen backlighting systems, Pad System appears as a perfectly uniform luminous surface, capable to control emission over 60° beyond the appliance’s ordinary one while ensuring high uniformity values, low luminance levels, and an UGR below 19, according to the provisions of UNI 12464 (luminance at 65° <3000 cd/m2 – average UGR < 19).

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Cata is an Interchangeable optical unit with a ‘twist & lock’ mechanism. Defined, concentrated light beams thanks to an innovative collimation system. 2 beam angles: 2 x 3,5° & 2 x 8°. Excellent quality of light: Cata Tuneable White: adjustable colour temperature from 2700K to 5700K CRI >93 (min.)

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Algoritmo Sharping is very flexible lighting system that allows designers to combine continuity Sharp light modules, with indirect and diffused LED lighting in warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K). Structural modules are in extruded aluminum, available in different lengths depending on the installation option, three finishes (white, black, silver or gloss anodized), two optic finishes (black and white) and three beams (20°, 36° and 52°).

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