Ilfari Lighting

Ilfari®, breathtakingly beautiful lighting that’s both whimsical and wonderfully eccentric. Founded in Holland in 2001. Pure Dutch design. Ilfari is modern, with a classical touch as well as classic, with a modern touch.

Ilfari light creations are entirely handmade, manufactured in Holland and Germany and using the highest quality European glass and crystals from Swarovski®, with razor sharp attention to detail. The aim is to give both modern and classic interiors an individual, almost revolutionary look, with designs that play with light just as they play with your imagination.

Side By Side Floor Lamp


Swinging Ballet Chandalier

Sweet Symphony Chandalier

Sun Rise Floor Lighting

Stream Pendant Lighting

Sky Circles Chandalier

Side by Side Floor Lighting

Sexy Crystals Chandalier

Secret Club Table Lamp

Reflexx XXL Pendant Lights

Reflexx Pendant Lights

Out of Line Pendant LED Lights

Night in Paris Chandalier

New Dawn Wall Light

Moonlight Party Pendant Lights

Loving Arms Chandalier

Lazy Sunday Chandalier

Just Be Wall Light

Jazzy Pendant Lights

Ice Fall Chandalier

Glow Chandalier / Pendant Lighting

Flowers from Amsterdam Chandalier

Feel You Chandalier

English Rose Pendant Lights

Elements of Love Wall Light

Dream Dance Sensation Chandalier

Crystal Hearts Chandalier

Chill Out Chandalier

Ballroom Chandalier

Avenue One Chandalier

Artys Chandalier / LED Pendant Lights

Arabian Pearls Wall Light

Airwave Pendant Lights