Sans Souci Lighting

Sans Souci Lighting carries out grand, unique projects focusing on light objects, exclusive light fixtures and luxury interior decoration features. Thier speciality is original architectural features, such as railings, stairways, tables, skylights, columns, and others. What characterizes them is a high proportion of manufacture with emphasis on precision and detail.

Fascination by the fusion with light, and love of traditional craft is something our projects share with Sans Souci. Our know-how combines many years of experience, a knowledge of traditional as well as new technologies, and an original approach to production. We are thrilled to carry out grand, unique projects focusing on light objects, exclusive light fixtures and luxury interior decoration features with Sans Souci, an extraordinary company that produces some of the most extraordinary statement lighting sculptures for our most discerning client projects.


Machine cut tubes, brass nano coating finish. The basic idea behind the refined crystal tubes is the combination of metal coating and cutting, which, by themselves, are two commonly used techniques. By combining them, a new, unique pattern is created. As the coating is gradually cut off, the diamond pattern is imbued with a delicate golden gradient that crowns the entire concept.


Hand blown and hand shaped crystal-clear components with nanocoating. We were playing with the shaping of glass, a living substance that can be twisted, cut or extended. The result is an organic loop where, as it is entirely handmade, every piece is an original. The shape simply invites you to create a disordered cluster and to enhance it with metal coating.


We combined hand blown glass components in a celestial play, imitating the fascinating phenomenon that originates in polar areas and is very rare in our latitudes. The light sources are programmed to put on a pulsating show of different coloured fans, rays or drapes. The lighting installation can be quickly and easily controlled by an iPod.


Hand blown opal opaque component, copper nanocoating finish. We found inspiration in delicacy. We let the wavy leaves flutter about arbitrarily above the ground so as to create an atmosphere of pleasant carelessness and ease. It only depends on your personal taste whether you choose to highlight their delicacy by pastel tones or accentuate their force by sharp contrast.


This piece embodies the quintessential statement on the light versus dark theme, or depending on how one views it, the light working in tandem with darkness. Its golden-colored spheres harbor a secret within. Indeed, when illuminated, the true scintillating magic of this artwork develops into full force in a fresh take on turning crystal into aurum. Simply turn it on, turn off the outside world, and let Twinkle charm you with its magnetic spectacle.


Composed of 330 hand-blown pieces shaped as feathers, this light installation pays tribute to the freedom of birds’ flight. Emulating their gracefulness and nimbleness, the composition conveys the feeling of neat and effortless movement. The various glass components are crystal clear, entirely or partially sandblasted and nano-coated.


Origin is the headlight of a new collection of the same name. Thanks to the transparency of traditional crystal, it looks different from every side and contrasts with crafted black leather. Origin lamp is hand-blown from crystal with the effect of small air bubbles, hand-cut to shape. “In the dark, light suddenly appears. It can be a portal to another dimension or a shell that came to us from the unexplored bottom of the sea.”


The brightest star of this constellation is Pollux. The light was created with a traditional lenticular brush and complemented by innovative nano coating shine. Blue glass was used for its production. The luminaire is hand blown and cut while the surface is brass.


Evoking sunrays glittering on sand dunes, this lighting creation fusions clear glass with golden mica effect, silvered amber components and pieces with soda crystals as well as translucent golden nano-coating. This shining composition is enhanced by a gently vibrant and radiant dynamic effect – the various components randomly light up and flame out.


Black fused glass prisms, brass nano coating finish. A proof that charming designer light fixtures are not necessarily all hand blown. Flat glass, which was used in dark grey to produce Forks, is also ideal for experimenting. The long, faceted prisms were bent and assembled in a cluster, which is illuminated from the inside by golden coating.


Hand-blown and hand cutted crystal clear leaf, copper nano coating finish. Leaves blown by the Autumn wind. As they are hand shaped, each piece is an original just like in nature. By applying a metal coating to the crystal leaves, the perception of depth is enhanced and the leaves give off a radiant shine.


Imagine a tranquil stroll through luxuriant forest, deeply inhaling the fresh air and alertly taking in the surroundings, serendipitously surprising majestic animals at pasture. The reindeer’s horns will certainly strike you as most imposing. Our designer translated this splendid naturalness into a glamorous lighting artwork, the characteristic shapes accentuated by contrasting clear crystal, black and golden variations.


Machine cut and machine polished crystal-clear beads, iron shade with copper fabric overlay. A wrist decoration and an indispensable accessory to go with a necklace or earrings. We opted for a robust design, inspired by polygons in terms of shape. Instead of a hand, we put the bracelet on a curtain made from cut crystal beads.


The beauty of the light fixture centres on a simple shape and the ever-attractive contrast. The smooth hand-blown bowls were rotated ninety degrees and suspended with the convex parts facing one another. This created a wave that is very elegant yet also pleasantly disordered. Bowls, a light fixture, which is a play of contrasting colours and metallic coatings looks perfect on smooth, hand blown bowls – cold white combined with warm gold and dark black with moon silver being the dominant combinations. The contrast is accentuated even further by an alternating application of colours and metallic coatings.


Hand blown and hand cut crystal-clear leaf. Traditional glass blowing is timeless. The number of things you can create from a lively substance such as glass does not cease to fascinate us. It is beautiful when in a mass, which highlights its unparalleled optics. For this reason, we designed leaves that make use of the clear crystal substance and immaculate work with the shape. As a cluster, they offer a truly emotive experience, which is why we will always be loyal to crystal.


Sometimes, all that glitters is not gold. In the case of our latest design, Coins, it is the combination of amber and crystal glass with a nano-coating that will aim to seduce you, using its lines made of tiny crystal glass plates and an optical pattern that create veils sparkling like real gold. Hand-blown amber and crystal plates with an optical pattern and a brass nano-coating finish.



Hand blown amber components, hand cut and hand polished. A solitary pendant looks impressive on a curtain of cut beads – a regal jewel that is the masterpiece of a hand cutter. The combination of glittering crystal and golden amber gives rise to a flaming swarm, which will imbue your place with sparkling energy.


Hand blown crystal-clear components, silver and brass nanocoating finish. Glass balls, which are the central component of the Space Balls light fixture, are among the most popular glass elements ever. The simple design with one side cut off has given them a new dimension: the possibility to play with contrast, applying different colours to the outer shell and the inner wall.


The main inspiration for the Primavera springs from Botticelli´s eponymous painting depicting an elaborate pastoral scenery. This Renaissance allegory based on the lush growth of spring and the burgeoning fertility of the world touched and impressed our designer. The wind of early spring blowing on the land, bringing forth flowers and chasing away the clouds, influenced this delicate artwork as well.


Hand blown crystal glass component, each piece individually shaped, with nanocoating finish. Each piece is a unique creation. Each hand crafted, individually shaped piece of glass.” This is exactly the thought behind this glass component, which combines our specialities of hand blown crystal glass and nano-coating technology. The two techniques intricately combine to create each unique element, lovingly tailored to myriad possibilities for any interior.

Flamenco Chandalier

Smitten with Spain´s sights as well as its culture, our designer was particularly touched by Andalusian flamenco dancers. Their performance, filled with emotion and passion, prompted him to imprint the movement and atmosphere into glass. This piece is indeed decorated by an optical pattern resembling the undulation of the dancers´ skirts. The edges are equally waved, enhancing the overall dynamism.


Hand blown and hand engraved crystal-clear component with cutting, brass nanocoating finish. An imitation of luxurious perfume bottles. Fashion could not possibly exist without compelling fragrances. Moreover, designer flacons are an indispensable decoration of bathrooms and wardrobes. We drew inspiration from traditional cut-glass baskets and replaced the octagons with cuts in the shapes of lenses.


Inspirited by the mystery and diversity of the maritime environment, this oeuvre mimics the sea creature that freely floats near the surface of water. As in the symbiotic species, this design encapsulates the mutually beneficial relationship between glass and light. The fibrous opaline crystal is emphasized by illumination from an internal source and its color variations spanning from sleek smoked glass to warm amber hues.


This artwork represents an ode chanted to the infinite possibilities of merging traditional glassmaking techniques with modern technologies. The organic feel of crystal and its shaping permutations are perfectly matched bythe pure forms of the metallic construction. The combination of optical fibers and LED chips offers endless avenues in terms of coloring and lighting. Infinity is thus suited for a myriad of compositions, especially the dynamic ones.


The process of breathtaking natural coloring of the sunset sky, unfolding over time and altering every day, has always absorbed and intrigued our designer. With this dynamic lighting sculpture, she pays tribute to these astounding moments, bringing into life the wonder and amazement experienced when witnessing them. The metallic-looking components are suddenly enlivened when enlightened, this effect amplified by air bubbles embedded in the crystal.


In the spring nature, Twigy has been inspired by its name, which refers to a twig. “When nature wakes up, the first explorers will send out fragile burgeons. These spring messengers will last the frost, the wind and the last snowflakes. Just like women, the twigs, by their fragility, mask vitality, strength and silent energy.”


This design stands as an invitation to immerse oneself in the heart-warming celebration of the harvest season, an enticement to savoring the welcoming embrace of nature and its offerings. Join us in reveling in the comforting feast of ripe crops, basking in the soft golden light of an afternoon spent peeling corn leaves. Appreciate a simple, unadorned pleasure like the beauty of this lighting creation.