Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting

Our flagship brand Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting is the finest source of contemporary crystal chandeliers in the world, selected by the most beautiful residences, palaces and hotel projects. We know this because Swarovski – the primary source of the finest crystal for chandeliers – say so.

The airiness is achieved by concealing, or even doing away with, the metal structure that supports almost all other chandeliers, allowing the translucent crystal to speak for itself.

As you would expect from the best-of-the-best sought after lighting designers Roel & Clarissa have the most impressive list of projects (besides many private residences) including palaces, casinos and luxury hotels, Cartier, Montblanc & Roberto Cavalli Fashion stores, VIP lounges for British Airways, and the Royal Albert Hall to mention just a few. You won’t find Windfall in any retail shop, only represented by a single leading design company in each country. So if exclusivity and extraordinary style is a requirement for your project then we warmly welcome you to our Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting family.

The Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting collection is available in standard or custom configurations. To view the Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting website please click here. To view some of the Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting projects please click here. The Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting collections are managed by Beyond Bespoke Australasia in the Asia-Pacific region.

Stairway to Heaven

A bespoke crystal art form for the Paris showroom of Roberto Cavalli

Balance Staircase

A fountain of Crystal Balance's spanning three floors of the Cartier Boutique in Sydney, Australia

Jewel One

The Jewel in the crown, Jewel One is everything you can imagine the very best handcrafted crystal lighting sculpture can be.

Bespoke Sun

A bespoke crystal wall piece created to emulate the sun for a private residence in Liechtenstein.

Balance Restaurant Project

Simple and brilliant, a single row of Balamce's hanging in the Cocoon Restaurant, Aalst, Belgium.

Serene Chandalier by Windfall and Lalique

Presenting the Serene Round with large crystal prisms with motif figurines

Crystal Swirl Chandalier

Spinning circles with strings of 14mm crystal beads, suspended from the ceiling and lit from above, forming a sparkling vortex. Presenting the Swirl Double chandalier with clear crystal beads and chrome-plated metal work. A chandelier reduced to the most essential elements, crystal and light, another example for Windfalls design philosophy.

Jewel Two

A very special lighting element that will simply captivate a room. 3 crystal chain links in chrome-plated metal finish. A highly sought after item and treasured by a limited sucessful audience.

Flowers Lighting Collection

Drops of crystal in many colours joined on a metal seed form flowers, or call them butterflies, cascading down in waterfalls or clouds of crystals. Suspended on thin stainless steel wires, they are composed to fit any situation, size, shape, density and colours, all tailor-made. The possibilities are unlimited, from sculptural pieces in a staircase or entrance to small ceiling chandeliers, in 1001 colour combinations. All lit by downlights from the ceiling or with our reflector plate, with all light and suspensions integrated.

Jewel Four

Hanging with pride at Taylor Howes Headquarters in London, the Jewel Four is a clean and bright example of togetherness and reliability.

Jewel Three

Three crystal rings of pure magic adorning a private residence in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Jewel three collection is based upon the archetype of circles, ovals and rectangles. Single elements are combined in multiple rings, or chained together in horizontal or vertical compositions. Images cannot tell the story of such beauty.

Hellbob Lighting Collection

The floating crystal spheres, call them bubbles, comets or planets, are very far away from a classic chandelier, yet they still have their sparkle and richness. A design object with an almost abudantly metal frame covered with crystal. The Hellbob chandeliers are lit from outside, which gives a feeling of a weightless, pure crystaline structure.

Eden Flowers

The sculptural version of our flowers, an organic shaped metal branch supporting 25 flowers. Suspended by only two wires, adjustable in any direction, to form your personal oasis, free floating and lit from above. With the opportunity to choose the colours, endless variations are possible. Different metal finishes, like nickel-, chrome-, gold-, copper- or bronze - plated for classic, oriental and very modern interiors. In 2016 we added the Eden Crown, a circular flower arrangement.

Jewel Three

A single Jewel Three suspended with purpose in a the Mandala House, Bangalore

Jack Lantern

Your little Windfall companion for the balcony, terrace or picnic in the park. Take Jack, named after Jack the Ripper, on your walks in the dark or enlighten a romantic dinner on the terrace with Sissi. Both are easy and fun, light up all evening, and are the first mobile crystal lanterns available worldwide.

Bespoke Cavalli Paris

This crystal cloud complments its surrounds creating the apitome of bling for the Roberto Cavalli showroom in Paris.

Balance Pendants

Balance's downlit by recessed lighting hanging in three rows for a private residence in Indonesia.

Balance Chandalier At Dwell 95, New York

At the first glance a classic chandelier, but at the second sight it reveals the real spirit, the lightness and total freedom of composition. Flying candles, free floating, without any disturbing frame and light bulbs. Heavy crystal strass elements, especially made for Windfall by Swarovski, combined with hand-made gold- or silver-plated mouth blown candles, catch the light from the downlights above and radiate the light, sparkling. This design combines both worlds, classic and modern, and looks great in any interior. The Balances can fill an entrance hall, fly along hallways, descend in multiple stairways or just line up above a dining table.Dwell 95, Wall Street

Sissi Chandalier

Our first chandelier design with intergated LED light. This collection stands out in combining classic chandelier elements with the latest LED generation integrated. The crystal elements are lit from within, and refract the light from an invisible source, avoiding any focal points or distracting blending. Combining classic geometric lines, with the opulance and beauty of crystal candles, this design suits timeless interiors.

Scarlett Dining Project in Jeddah

Colours, lightness, elegance and transparency are the base of our first collection Scarlett. A crystal cascade, encased by a transparent, colourful, handsewn fabric shade is bringing the fairy tales of 1001 night in your home. The pureness of the round, rectangular or square forms, bring a very modern touch in this collection. Easy going above dining tables, entrance or for wall and table lights.

Lula Wall Lights

Born from a more classic design, but with the opulence and detailing, Windfall is known for. Integrated light, crystal or silk shades in various colours, make them very easy to understand and they can be used in a multitude of interiors. The classic line is completed by great line of standing-, wall- and table lamps, also fitting in very classic interior.