Welcome to Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting.
We’re a leading independent custom lighting design agency that for years has travelled the world unearthing the very best lighting artists and artisans, bringing the widest creative custom design, craftsmanship and manufacturing capability back to our Australasian and international professional clients. Our design approach encourages creativity, pragmatism and personalisation, ensuring solutions are unique, innovative and sustainable. Our project pricing is negotiated directly with the manufacturer meaning you get the most cost-effective solution for your budget. We believe professional lighting design and originality is fundamental to the success of any space, working with Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting will help bring out the core features of your design and help your projects receive the greatest accolades.
Video Introduction to Beyond Bespoke Custom Lighting

Statement Lighting

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting

Made in Germany

Serip Organic Lighting

Made in Portugal

Catellani and Smith

Made in Italy


Made in Italy

Sans Souci

Made in the Czech Republic

Arturo Alvarez

Made in Spain

Artelier C

Made in Belgium

Santa and Cole

Made in Spain


Made in Italy